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Peacock Soup Artworks Card Project

Peacock Soup Artworks Card Project was founded by Carolyn Peacock, Vint Lawrence, and their friends as a collaborative effort to generate support for EarthLink, a non-profit corporation created with the vision that there be a home for every being on the planet.

All cards are blank inside. Minimum order is 6 cards.
Call 866-813-8169 for pricing and to order.


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  • Cloud
    Cloud Horse - Carries the intention of transformation from turbulence and chaos. As the rain and wind cleanse and replenish the ground, Cloud Horse brings the release of energy within the storm. Cloud Horse can carry messages through harsh conditions and signifies strength and determination in adversity. Cloud Horse has the power to generate clarity within confusion, to illuminate in an instant what has been covered by the storm. Cloud Horse can also carry messages which are transitory or dreamlike and may be useful in communicating unconscious intentions.
  • Blood
    Blood Horse - Carries the intention of uniting energy, exchanges of power. Blood Horse carries messages of grounding, the bonding of shared intention, and the merging of forces. Blood Horse represents the power of mutual support and creates a space where bonds between body and spirit are possible. Blood Horse can carry the energy required to be in action, the life force required to complete the task at hand.
  • Crystal
    Crystal Horse - Carries the intention of clarity and stillness. Coming from the North, Crystal Horse represents transformation through clear communication; bearing messages which are generated from a clear awareness or which require a quiet listening. In stillness, even the silence speaks.
  • Harvest
    Harvest Horse - Carries the intention of revealing the abundance at the source. Harvest Horse travels with the vision that has results be produced - the awareness of sharing the wealth that is present around us. Harvest Horse carries messages which reveal hidden blessings, manifest abundance, acknowledging the time for harvest is at hand. Harvest Horse may also carry requests for support, the sharing of a vision for the future, or acknowledgment of the mystery at the source that provides support for all beings.
  • Morning
    Morning Horse - carries the intention of inspiration, the breath of life. Morning Horse travels swiftly, sweeping through the dawn with messages dispelling darkness and gloom. Morning Horse can carry messages of immediacy, breakthroughs, and new awakenings. Morning Horse has the power to clear the eyes for a new vision and awaken listening for a new song to be sung.
  • NW Spirit
    Northwest Spirit Horse - Reveals natural wisdom and support from fundamental forces. Spirit Horse dances with the elemental current, revealing hidden spirit. Spirit Horse manifests the interdependence of all beings and carries messages of connection with the whole. Spirit Horse has the power to reconnect and reunite, to generate a context larger than the issues which are apparent on the surface, to open up a listening for elemental purposes and reveal the nature of the part each plays in support of life.
  • Phoenix
    Phoenix Horse - Represents metamorphosis and the clearing of resistance. Phoenix Horse bears messages of a shift in form or shift in awareness. Phoenix Horse can shift how the past is interpreted and clears the ground for transitions to a new way of being. Opening a dimension in which processes of growth and revelation are freely possible, Phoenix Horse can carry messages which acknowledge that a change has occurred, that a new relationship is being formed within the context of an existing set of circumstances.
  • Rainbow
    Rainbow Horse - Carries the intention of clearing and transition. Revealing the many colors of experience, the broad spectrum, Rainbow Horse illuminates the landscape after the storm. Rainbow Horse opens the sky and provides a space where listening can occur. Rainbow Horse can carry messages of healing and renewal, acknowledgment of differing perspectives, celebrations of the wealth of spirit.
  • Shadow
    Shadow Horse - Brings complete transformation, the balancing of unequal energies, endings and beginnings. Unifying darkness and light, Shadow Horse reveals that which has been hidden in the darkness and brings courage to declare what has been unspoken. Shadow Horse has the power to create something from nothing, to reveal the underlying structure of events, to generate radical new possibilities from a space of complete emptiness.
  • Sun
    Sun Horse - Carries the intention of pure radiant energy, power from the source. Sun Horse signifies the relationship between energy and growth, providing energy and warmth for sustained transformation. Sun Horse communicates central issues, brilliant revelations, and messages of new light. Sun Horse has the power to reveal what is so with absolute openness and illumination.
  • Christmas
    Medicine Horse bearing Holiday magic.
  • Women
    The Medicine Horse Trotted in a Circle All Night, the Night that the Coyotes Eavesdropped on the Women’s Credit Card Cutting Ceremony.
  • Hanging Out
    Coyote and Turtle above Pojoaque Grieving the Mescal Worm.
  • Medicine
    How the First Medicine Horse Came To Be
  • St Francis
    St. Francis of Assisi
  • St Nick
    St. Nicholas retablo
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