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The Heart of TTouch®
with TTouch Founder Linda Tellington-Jones
Tellington TTouch® with Companion Animals
at the Oregon Humane Society
Portland, OR, November 3-8, 2013
Evening Demonstration on November 4 from 7-9pm
(Donations to OHS Animal Behavior Department)
This session is appropriate for those new to Tellington TTouch
Training counts towards Practitioner Certification
Dog Trainers: CCPDT CEU's available
Massage Therapists: NCBTMB CE's available
TTouch Founder Linda Tellington-Jones
Linda Tellington-Jones  
Linda Tellington-Jones, PhD (Hon)

As an internationally acclaimed authority on animal behavior, training and healing, Linda has presented the Tellington TTouch method at veterinary conferences, universities, equestrian expositions, North American Handicapped Riding Association and Delta Society world conferences, therapeutic riding associations, Olympic training centers, wildlife rehabilitation conferences, and zoos throughout the world.

"I look forward to sharing a rejuvenating week with you and your canine companion. We will be honing your skills at all aspects of the Tellington Method, including TTouch bodywork with focus on cellular intelligence and The Playground for Higher Learning. We will also spend time practicing the techniques of Intent by visualizing the behavior, performance, health and relationship we desire.

I am often asked how I stay so passionate and interested in every person and their dog. It's because I love the transformation we see in the dogs, and I love teaching TTouch. I enjoy exploring ways to make learning fun and inspiring, using a 21st century concept of "experiential learning" and being guided by the issues of the dogs. In this class each dog will receive a TTouch session with me and we'll draw cards to determine the order.

You will learn how you can "Change the Posture to Change Behavior" and I will focus on the Nine Elements for success with Tellington TTouch. You'll take home the gifts of Ho'oponopono for yourself and the technique of Body Kinesiology to connect with and communicate with your dog.

At this training you will learn how Tellington TTouch activates both hemispheres of our brain, activating logic, intuition and compassion. We will practice "Orca Breathing" and Heart Coherence, and discover the effect they have on the willingness of our dogs to focus, to listen and to learn.

You'll learn the Body Blessing and the "Magic Three TTouches" for stress reduction and enhanced well-being. And I will be demonstrating the Lifewave pain and energy patches for you and for senior dogs.

My passion is sharing the wisdom of the cells and the merging of quantum science and spirituality as a key to the basic TTouch philosophy of "Change Your Mind & Change Your Dog".

Join me for a transformative week of connecting with our companion animals in body, mind & spirit.

Aloha and Heart Hugs." Linda

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Tellington TTouch® Training

Learn more about Tellington TTouch and what to expect at a training.

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Feedback from Participants in Linda's Training
  • "Each person in the class brought a spirit of generosity and kindness which has been inspiring. TTouch has helped me to trust my intuition and instincts."
  • "I learned to respect the animals' feelings, needs and communications; The importance of staying in heart coherence; to set boundaries gracefully; to request, don't demand, nag, bully or order around; that aggression comes from fear and is a cry for help. TTouch opens wide avenues of possibility where I saw none before with my dog. I am feeling equipped and empowered. I have lots of new tools to help the shelter animals I am working with. I'm leaving feeling more balanced in heart and whole and rearranged on the cellular level."
  • "My mission in life is to help create harmony between the human and animal worlds. Tellington TTouch is a beautiful tool to help me achieve this goal."
  • "TTouch has enhanced my ability and awareness of being flexible in all situations. This has been a magical factor in my life."
  • "I believe that the value of one's life is determined by how much you help others and TTouch is a beautiful way to help others."
  • "TTouch has influenced every part of my life. I made the decision to base my career on TTouch a few years ago, becoming a Companion Animal Practitioner. TTouch had an immediate, positive impact on my dogs and my relationship to them. It has since influenced every relationship on my life, including my relationship with myself. I continue to learn more all the time, enhancing and enriching my career and my life. I am so grateful to finally be living my passion and following my bliss."
 Oregon Humane Society
The Training Venue

The Oregon Humane Society has been around for 142 years! It keeps getting better and better, and it's such a pleasure to work with the animals there. If you want to work with shelter animals in a supportive environment - come to Portland in November. Tellington TTouch enthusiasts are committed to helping rescue and shelter animals be the best they can be - so they can quickly find forever homes.

The OHS is a very popular venue for TTouch trainings. Not only is the training room spacious and comfortable, but the staff at the Humane Society is wonderfully helpful and welcoming to our TTouch students.


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Special TTouch Demonstration

Come to visit OHS and meet Linda there at an evening demonstration of Tellington TTouch, November 4 from 7-9pm. (Donations to OHS Animal Behavior Department).

Oregon Humane Society
OHS Adoption Center

Here are some of the animals you may meet and work with. If you click on the photos of Banquo and Fisher King you can read about them and see why they might benefit from some TTouch.

Oregon Humane Society
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Cost: If this is your first training session the cost is $600. For those in the ongoing practitioner program, the cost is $800.

For more information about registration, directions, accommodation, workshop logistics, etc., email the TTouch Office, call 800-854-8326, or see logistics or register for this training.

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Questions? Please feel free to contact the TTouch Office if you have questions about what Linda will be teaching. Perhaps you have a special request. If this is your first session, you may have questions about what to expect. Do get in touch.


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