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Getting in TTouch with Your Dog Book - $16.95

Getting in TTouch with Your Dog Book - $16.95

Price: $16.95

Now available! The bestselling book from Linda Tellington-Jones is completely revised with new photos and profiles!

Hands-on help from one of the most caring and innovative animal trainers in the world today -- this book is the key to a better quality of life for your dog.

Getting in TTouch with Your Dog: A Gentle Approach to Influencing Behavior, Health, and Performance

by Linda Tellington-Jones

When you think of your dog, what is the first characteristic that comes to mind? His �smile,� his gentle companionship, his good-natured bark when he sees a friend? Or, do you immediately think of his �bad habits� -- maybe his tendency to jump up on people, the �accidents� he sometimes has in the house, or the way he pulls when you go for a walk?

�Change your mind, change your dog,� is one tenet of Linda Tellington-Jones� renowned Tellington Method. By thinking of your dog in �perfect� terms, you can come a long way in solving problematic behaviors, training for a joyful partnership, and ensuring his health and well-being. Add to this Linda�s course in gentle bodywork, known throughout the world as Tellington TTouch, as well as specialized training equipment and obstacles in her Playground for Higher Learning, and you have gentle, proven ways to improve your dog�s attention, willingness, and confidence.

This book not only offers a positive, no-force approach to training but also much, much more! Using a combination of specific TTouches. Exercises, and the Confidence Course (exercises over obstacles), a dog�s performance and health is improved, common behavior issues are solved, and physical problems are positively influenced.

Paperback, 152 pages, color photos throughout. Publisher: Trafalgar Square, 2012.

Download an excerpt from this book!

Getting in TTouch with Your Dog bookIn this excerpt you will learn about the Tellington TTouch as well as how TTouch Bodywork affects you dog. You will also learn the Nine Elements of TTouch, Success Secrets 1 and 2, and how to build trust and install comfort using the Abalone TTouch.

Note! You can purchase this book as part of a set that includes the Unleash Your Dog�s Potential video and the TTouch cards for $39.95. (If purchased separately, these items would cost $55.85. With this set you save $15.90.)

As a teenager, Linda Tellington-Jones, PhD (Hon) swept national championships in tough equine competitions. Her secret? "I always wanted the horse to enjoy the experience as much as I did," smiles Linda. Since then, that philosophy has contributed to Linda�s international success as a noted animal behaviorist. She has spent the past 50+ years studying the physiology and psychology of animals, coupled with an innate, almost magical, understanding of the true nature of the animal/human relationship.

For four decades Linda has lectured worldwide at veterinary schools, conducted clinics around the globe for animal owners, written 22 books in 15 languages, appeared in international magazines and television programs, and influenced hundreds of thousands of animals with her work. There are more than 2,000 Tellington Certified Practitioners teaching� the Tellington Method in 32 countries.

Linda�s unique approach to training animals, communicating with them, and helping them achieve ultimate performance and well being has extended to exotics like the Snow Leopard cubs at the Zurich Zoo in Switzerland to a young orangutan named Louie at the San Diego zoo with an inadequate suckle reflex. She has gained recognition and acceptance from pet owners, competitors, trainers and veterinarians worldwide.

Linda has formatted what she has learned and observed over the years into a systematic method with four components: Bodywork called Tellington TTouch�; ground exercises called The Playground for Higher Learning; a variety of harnesses and equipment; and the practice of envisioning our animals as we would like them to be.

Tellington TTouch Training is a revolutionary method that is being integrated into positive dog training schools on six continents. And in 2014 Linda was honored with a Certificate of Recognition for exceptional achievements in development and research in the field of pet behavior by the DHVE - Dachverband feur Haustierverhaltensberatung in Europe e.V. (Umbrella Organization for Companion Animals in Europe).

Humane and kind, these combined tools give dog owners and handlers a way to effectively transform behavioral issues, improve performance, enhance health and deepen relationships between dogs and their people.

Tellington TTouch Training� --�for dogs of all breeds and ages -- is effective for:
� Excessive barking
� Inappropriate chewing
� Leash pulling
� Aggressiveness
� Extreme fear and shyness
� Resistance to grooming
� Excitability and nervousness
� Car sickness
� Well-being and soundness issues
� Improving performance

The second T in TTouch stands for trust. The Tellington Training Method results in the TTouch That Teaches Trust. Enjoyment of being together, focused attention, willingness to cooperate and enhanced ability to learn --�important elements that bond you and your dog together are a natural outcome from this enlightened Tellington Method.

Give yourself and your dog a new sense of joy, well-being, cooperation and companionship with Tellington TTouch Training!

My best pal, Garfunkel (a black lab) tore the cruciate ligament in his back, left leg the end of August.� His age, 9 1/2, and his weight (he�s a bit portly) made it difficult for me to find a veterinarian willing to operate on him.� A specialist was finally recommended to me, and after I interviewed him at length to make sure he understood how important Garf was to me, allowed him to do a Teflon ligament replacement on Garf the first week of September.

Enough time had passed from the injury until the surgery to enable Garf to learn how to adjust to three legs well enough, and following the surgery he was not inclined to use the repaired leg at all.� The vet told me that walking Garf would encourage him to use his �bad� leg, but because we already had a daily walking routine of around 4-5 miles (pre-surgery), Garf is quite the athlete and was able to hop on three legs over most of that distance.� It made me sad to see his back end atrophy, and I just couldn�t give up on helping him get full use of that leg again.

My daughter is a message therapist.� Finally, in frustration, I asked her if there wasn�t something I could do to help Garfunkel.� She suggested your book.� She had not read it, but had heart of it, and you.� For the past month I have been TTouching Garf.� Actually as it turns out, I been TTouching Garf since he came into my life when he was just 10 weeks old, but not in the structured method I learned from you book.� I had always manipulated his ears, and he was used to being touched all over his body while I was sitting - reading, watching TV, whatever.� He�s always next to me, and I�m always rubbing him.� Now, however, we got serious.

I worked his bad leg.� I worked the opposing leg.� I worked his ears and his gums.� I am happy to report that Garfunkel is not only using his �bad� leg, but he is well on his way to redeveloping the muscle and fat on his almost-back-to-normal leg.� He has also learned that if he holds the leg up a little, and turns around and looks at me with those big, sad black eyes, I�m reminded that we haven�t TTouched for a while, and I almost immediately sit down with and take care of the situation.

My veterinarian, who had never heard of TTouch, was interested in what I was doing with Garf because he noticed the improvement.

~ Karen

$16.95 Paperback