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TTouch for Dogs Set - $39.95

TTouch for Dogs Set - $39.95

List price: $55.85
Price: $39.95
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TTouch for Dogs Set

Save! Includes the "Getting in TTouch with Your Dog" book, the "Unleash your Dogís Potential" video and the TTouch of Magic cards. $39.95 (If purchased separately, these items would cost $55.85. With this set you save $15.90.)

In this video and book, Linda clearly explains how dogs are helped to overcome many physical and behavioral problems, including: excessive barking and chewing; leash pulling; jumping up; dog-aggressive behavior, fear-biting, timidity and shyness; resistance to grooming; hyperactivity and nervousness; car sickness; hip dysplasia; fear of thunder and other loud noises; and more. A list of common behavioral and physical ailments with the recommended corresponding TTouch solutions is included. Case studies involving different breeds of dogs demonstrate how many owners, some at their witsí end, have used the TTouches and the Confidence Course to solve all manner of difficulties with happy results.

The cards give an illustration and description of each TTouch and can be laminated for use outdoors. The cards make it convenient to ďseeĒ the TTouches when you canít refer to your DVD or book.

I received my video and books today and worked on my best friend, Candy, a Golden Retriever.† She enjoyed the TTouch immensely.† We shared our spirits.† I didnít think we could be any closer than we were.† The TTouch seems to get us in a relaxed receptive state that enhances our communication.

Also in just one day her tail seems to be changing position as if old fears have been released.† I adopted her when she was three, and I believe before that her like was not a good one.† Her personality has blossomed.† I believe that the TTouch will continue to enhance our relationship.
Itís nice to know there are other people out there who respect and love animals.† Thank you and blessings to you all.

~ Leslie

I have your TTouch video and book set.† Love every bit of them.† My 17 1/2 yr old Aussie/English Setter inspired my interest.† I have been using TTouch techniques on her† with good results.† She suffers from stiff joints and arthritis.† It really helps keep her in touch with the world too as she seems more alert for days afterwards.

~ Cheryl