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Nylon Leash - $17.95

Nylon Leash - $17.95

Price: $17.95

Nylon Leash

7’ nylon with a snap on each end. Perfect for use with the Halti.

Color choices are green, red, royal blue, navy blue, black and brown.

$17.95 - green
$17.95 - red
$17.95 - royal blue
$17.95 - navy blue
$17.95 - black
$17.95 - brown

“Using the leash to give subtle signals to your dog, you increase your level of cooperation and partnership with your dog!” from Getting In TTouch With Your Dog

“The Confidence Course develops the dog’s self-confidence and increases balance and agility. The dog learns to trust you in any situation, even in an unexpected situation.” from Getting In TTouch with Your Dog