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Getting In TTouch with Your Horse Book - $22.95

Getting In TTouch with Your Horse Book - $22.95

Price: $22.95

Getting In TTouch: Understand and Influence Your Horse’s Personality

by Linda Tellington-Jones with Sybil Taylor

By analyzing the shape of your horse’s head,eyes, ears, chin, jowl, and profile, you can learn the innate personality of a horse and understand how to improve your horses’s performance. Actual case histories are explored with 21 horses in over 200 photos and 136 drawings. PB, 197 pp. Publisher: Trafalgar Square Publishing, 2001.

2009 Version with New Profiles and Color Photos!

Note! The companion Hit If Off with Your Horse Video is also available in the DVDs section.

I am a mad keen animal person, and have been keen on TTouch for years. I have Linda’s book "Understand and influence your horse’s personality" and had a great time looking at the features of my horse and others with this insight. My own girl is a Clydey cross, very gentle but with a snorty streak and a tendency to get high headed and stressed over ’spooky’ things. She has a similar head to a Friesian, and I think her learning ability is similar too; slower to learn but very eager to please, and a good retention of what she has learned.

Anyway, one feature about her that was very distinctive was her mouth area; very little wrinkle or other features about the mouth, nostrils and chin. A sign of a not-very intelligent horse but one of good nature. No surprises there, as its how she really is/was. The other day I noticed that her mouth had developed wrinkles around it. Having noticed, I became interested and have found that she now has a much more mobile and expressive mouth and nostril area! I think that the work we are doing on her mind is affecting the way she looks on the outside too!

~ Tina in Perth, Western Australia

Keeping in mind that our mare has been pastured with 150 other horses for 6 years with little human contact, I wasn’t sure how she would accept TTouch. For the first six days we owned her, prior to buying the book, we had been putting a lead on her and brushing her daily basically letting her know we wouldn’t hurt her and that she was safe. I spent much of Saturday afternoon reading my new book and was not super confident that the techniques would make a big difference or that I had absorbed enough information to even try them. I decided to go for it, however.

Saturday evening, when I went to visit her I practiced The Clouded Leopard Touch with her. The effect was absolutely amazing. She lowered her head, closed her eyes, lifted a back leg and rested. On Sunday we planned to bring her home. Wanting to help relax her, I did some backhanded ear work and rabbit touches before she was trailered. She trailered like a pro, and was unconcerned about the ride home or the new environment.

~ Pam

$22.95 Paperback