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Training Bit (Rollerbit) - $76.95 - currently out of stock

Training Bit (Rollerbit) - $76.95 - currently out of stock

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Price: $76.95

Training Bit (Rollerbit)

Used in TTEAM Training, this bit is especially effective for horses who are heavy on the forehand, strung out, ewe-necked and stiff in the back or hind quarters. The stainless steel bit has a 7" shank with a copper roller and is designed to be used with two reins. The shank is loose and curved back, which has a softening effect on the mouth, poll and back. Sizes: 5, 5-1/2 and 5-3/4 inch mouthpiece.

See more photos of the TTEAM Training Bit - side view and fitted to a horse.

Read hints to help you fit the TTEAM Training Rollerbit and to use it to its maximum advantage. (Note! Document in PDF format. You’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it. Get Acrobat Reader here.)

Rollerbit Sizes
5" $76.95
5-1/2" $76.95
5-3/4" $76.95