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TTouch 30 Year CELLebration DVD - Disc 1 - $20.00

TTouch 30 Year CELLebration DVD - Disc 1 - $20.00

Price: $20.00

TTouch 30 Year CELLebration DVD - Disc 1

Disc 1: 90 minutes
CELLebration Morning featuring:
• Opening Blessing by Sybil Taylor.
• Travels with Linda - TTouching the World with Kate Riordan. Kate has the audience roaring with laughter and waiting with baited breath for her next adventure with the skill of a seasoned raconteur, relaying her fascinating tales and photos of travels with Linda in Japan, Germany, Australia and Jordan. It’s a must-see.
• The Evolution of TTouch by Linda Tellington-Jones. Linda describes the Influences, Scientific Support, Synchronicity and the Role of Intention that have guided her on this journey to birth and nurture TTouch over 30 years..
• The Influence of the Tellington Method on the Horse Industry by Susan Harding. As the former publisher of Equus Magazine and the current director of Primedia Horse Publications, Susan gives a very informative presentation of the influence of the Tellington Method over the span of 30 years with archival photos and details.

$20.00 Disc 1