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TTouch 30 Year CELLebration DVD - Disc 3 - $20.00

TTouch 30 Year CELLebration DVD - Disc 3 - $20.00

Price: $20.00

TTouch 30 Year CELLebration DVD - Disc 3

Disc 3: 94 minutes
The Equine EEG: Immediate and Long-term Benefit of the TTEAM Program in an Anxious Horse presented by Robin C. Bernhard, LCSW, MEd, Sandy Rakowitz
The previous work of Linda Tellington-Jones and Anna Wise suggest that TTouch and TTEAM techniques activate brainwave patterns that awaken the brain, increase focus, encourage quiescence and develop emotional and muscular balance through improved mind-body integration. Robin Bernhard and Sandy Rakowitz explore brainwave patterns with an objective EEG tool to test the hypothesis that TTouch stroking with the wand would generate visible signs of relaxation in the horse and produce an EEG pattern reflective of this calmer, more focused mental state.
Stroking with the wand produced brainwave patterns reflective of quiet attention and focus. The horse’s mind was active while the body appeared to be very relaxed. A detailed description of the brain is offered for each of the five tests sites. This study supports the previous findings of Anna Wise and Linda Tellington-Jones many years ago. Our informal EEG assessment suggests whole brain activation with differentiation of function, especially in the integrative associative cortex. The soothing action of the stroking calms the body and as the body calms, so does the mind. Quiet focus is then possible.

$20.00 Disc 3