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TTouch 30 Year CELLebration DVD - Disc 5 - $20.00

TTouch 30 Year CELLebration DVD - Disc 5 - $20.00

Price: $20.00

TTouch 30 Year CELLebration DVD - Disc 5

Disc 5: 119 minutes
Animals on the Other Side: Their Words of Comfort About Life, Death, and Reincarnation presented by Lauren McCall
The loss of a beloved animal is something that all animal lovers have to come to terms with at some time during their lives. TTouch and TTEAM Practitioners are often involved in helping people to cope with their companion animal’s transition, and ultimately their death. This talk is an introduction to how animals view the end of life’s cycle, and life after death. Drawing on her work as a professional animal communicator and TTouch Practitioner, Lauren will discuss experiences that animals have related to her about the transition process, leaving loved ones behind, the purpose of their life, and reincarnation. While not focusing on ’grief and loss’, the class is intended to help empower the Practitioners and their clients to better cope with the loss of an animal.
Animals seem to be much more comfortable with the rhythms of life and death than most people are. "Life is part of death and death is part of life" as a Bernese Mountain Dog once told Lauren. Animals tell Lauren that they view death as the end of a chapter, rather than the end of the book. Their belief in reincarnation means that they face their death, and that of the ones that they love, without fear. In fact, animals relate to Lauren that they consider their death, and passage to the Other Side, to be a journey "home."
This talk is an overview of this fascinating subject, primarily using the words of the animals themselves to express their own points of view.
Spirits in Transition: Providing End-of-life Care for Our Animal Companions presented by Ella Bittel, DVM
The love of animals is a great source of joy in our lives, and their well-being is a focus of our hearts concern. It is our natural desire to provide the best we possibly can, caring for our animal friends throughout the years.
This is true just as much when the time of departure from being in a fur or feather body comes closer for our loved one. To become aware of different options available to us, greatly aids us in providing the greatest comfort for as long as possible to our animal friend.
And then there is the big decision we are often faced with: Whether or when it might be time to ask the veterinarian to end our animal’s life to prevent suffering. In this presentation, the most common reasons for employing euthanasia are re-evaluated from a holistic approach, opening up a whole new perspective to base this kind of a decision on.
Merging ancient Tibetan knowledge about death and dying with modern scientific findings yield a great opportunity for us to support our animal loved ones through their grand transition, way beyond the currently existing norm.
Spirits in Transition was designed to give tools to people who are interested in providing end-of-life care for their animal friends and wish to prepare for it . Contact:

$20.00 Disc 5